[thelist] ANOTHER frames question

Green, Janet JGreen at DesMoinesMetro.com
Mon Sep 10 12:02:43 CDT 2001

The earlier question about frames has reminded me that I've always wanted to
ask this question: is there a way to create direct links to pages that load
within a frameset, but that still actually loads the frames around them? All
of the "branding" of our site and the main  navigational tools are located
within the surrounding frames on each page, so of course if I send someone a
direct link to a page they do not get that branding or those links. Please

www.desmoinesmetro.com/work.html (when you get there, click "Business") 
www.desmoinesmetro.com/work_bus.html - the page as seen via direct link

I know this is the "age-old" problem with frames... but just wondering if
anyone has solved this problem without having to redesign the site. I hate
to have to include those bits of instruction on where to click, 'cuz they
take up space and folks may not read them carefully. Guess I am looking for

Thank you! 

PS - Since I'm not too hopeful on this one, I've already developed a couple
of sitemaps using the cumbersome "link-plus-instructions" method. Please
feel free to check out the sitemaps, and tell me if you think the linking
instructions are clear. AND feel free to suggest alternate sitemap formats
that you have found useful. www.desmoinesmetro.com/home.html 

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