[thelist] ANOTHER frames question

Paola Kathuria paola at limitless.co.uk
Mon Sep 10 12:33:37 CDT 2001

"Green, Janet" wrote:
> The earlier question about frames has reminded me that I've always wanted to
> ask this question: is there a way to create direct links to pages that load
> within a frameset, but that still actually loads the frames around them?

This has come up before and I remember there being niftier ways
of doing this.  But I did a couple of simple things when building a
tour a couple of years ago (when I couldn't rely on any particular
server technology).  Both mean changing pages but not redesigning
the site.

Here's frameset URL:

And here's one of the framed pages:

+ add JavaScript to the body tag so that an orphaned page will
  be redisplayed by its frameset:
  <BODY ONLOAD="if(self==top)top.location.href='/public/tour/step-13.htm'" 
  (we wrote a script that inserted this for)

  This meant that each tour step had to have its own frameset page
  (named the same thing in different directory).  However, you can
  still do this for other site set-ups.

+ I put the pages intended to be seen framed in a directory called
  "remove-to-reframe" for the off-chance that the JS didn't work,
  that someone would see it and knew what it meant.  The edited URL
  calls the matching frameset.

However, since all tour pages had their own URL anyway, these
two things were used for those entering the tour via a search
engine which ignored the noindex meta tag.


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