[thelist] frames question

Pamela R pampam12 at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 10 12:38:36 CDT 2001

thanks Sam, you were saying what I thought you were saying :)    So, 
basically if I want to add this framed file I will have to modify my 
interface files a bit, otherwise I'm out of luck, huh?  *drat*

thanks for your help.

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> > thanks for getting back to me.   Do you think you could give me more
> > specifics on how you did this?    I'm still not quite sure what I'm 
>let me try. I may not have understood what you need, but see if this
>makes sense:
>Say you have a load of .asp files that currently include a header.ssi
>and  leftnav.ssi. Now you need to reuse the same code and navigation,
>but the content is coming from somewhere else. So you create a frameset
>that has a top row and 2 cols, the first for navigation, the 2nd for
>content. You want the contents of header.ssi to appear in the top frame
>so you create a file called something like header.asp, which might look
>like this:
><head><title>Header content</title></head>
><body bgcolor="#ffffff">
><!--#include file="header.ssi" -->
>now in your frameset you specify the SRC of the top frame as
>And the same for the leftnav.
>For the content, the SRC for the frame would be the url to this 3rd
>party content.
>The frameset itself can be a plain .html file, as it's not needing any
>serverside processing in this scenario.
>If this 3rd party is creating and hosting the frameset, you need to give
>them the absolute URLs for header.asp, and leftnav.asp to put in there.
>Is that what you need???
>I'm confused that you are confused....
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