[thelist] ANOTHER frames question

Tom Busch tom at clickvisuals.com
Mon Sep 10 12:43:07 CDT 2001

this is basically how I do it, when the page loads it checks to see if it 
is within frames, if it isn't it loads the frames around it.

function checkFrames()
    if (top.location==location)
         document.write('<frameset framespacing=0 frameborder=0 border=0 
bordercolor="#ffffff" rows="68,*">')
         document.write('<frame src="topfr.html" name="top" scrolling="no" 
noresize marginheight=0 marginwidth=0>')
         document.write('<frame src="',location,'" name="main" 
scrolling="auto" noresize marginheight=0 marginwidth=0>')
<body onLoad="checkFrames();">

At 06:30 PM 9/10/2001 +0100, you wrote:
>"Green, Janet" wrote:
> > The earlier question about frames has reminded me that I've always 
> wanted to
> > ask this question: is there a way to create direct links to pages that load
> > within a frameset, but that still actually loads the frames around them?
>This has come up before and I remember there being niftier ways
>of doing this.  But I did a couple of simple things when building a
>tour a couple of years ago (when I couldn't rely on any particular
>server technology).  Both mean changing pages but not redesigning
>the site.
>Here's frameset URL:
>And here's one of the framed pages:
>+ add JavaScript to the body tag so that an orphaned page will
>   be redisplayed by its frameset:
>   <BODY ONLOAD="if(self==top)top.location.href='/public/tour/step-13.htm'"
>   (we wrote a script that inserted this for)
>   This meant that each tour step had to have its own frameset page
>   (named the same thing in different directory).  However, you can
>   still do this for other site set-ups.
>+ I put the pages intended to be seen framed in a directory called
>   "remove-to-reframe" for the off-chance that the JS didn't work,
>   that someone would see it and knew what it meant.  The edited URL
>   calls the matching frameset.
>However, since all tour pages had their own URL anyway, these
>two things were used for those entering the tour via a search
>engine which ignored the noindex meta tag.
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