[thelist] page crashing NN4

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 10 19:11:17 CDT 2001

first off, if you don't want your NN4.x browser (any platform) to die, 
don't visit this page: http://www.roswellpark.org/document_187.html

this page is killing NN4.x dead... dunno why yet, although i've tried 
replacing the reg marks and other extended characters with their 
ISO entity equivs, and that's not helping...

the template is fine on every other page (other than the missing 
DTD)... it has to be something in the content... no other pages (so 
far) exhibit this behavior...

the content comes out of the MS DHTML control from an HTML 
editing tool we have for this client as part of the CMS we 
implemented for them...

this page also fails to come up properly in searches off the on-site 
search engine...

any insight is appreciated...

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