[thelist] page crashing NN4

Michael Pemberton mpember at phreaker.net
Mon Sep 10 22:31:59 CDT 2001

isn't 'top' a reserved word?

Does the use of a reserved word in an element cause problems if you
don't intend of using js to interact with it?

James Aylard wrote:
> aardvark,
> > this page is killing NN4.x dead... dunno why yet, although i've tried
> > replacing the reg marks and other extended characters with their
> > ISO entity equivs, and that's not helping...
>         Line 223 contains a second named anchor <a name="top">, duplicating the one
> on line 25, except that the one one line 223 also lacks a closing tag. My
> guess is removing that will fix your problem.
> James Aylard
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