[thelist] looking for volunteers

spinhead evolt at spinhead.com
Tue Sep 11 09:37:16 CDT 2001

Nice idea. The renaghan link seems to work fine, by the way. Code looks
quite a bit like Danny Goodman's magic expanding menu. Is this autofed from
the server side? If so, what a great concept (for those of us with
JavaScript turned on, at least.)

I know next to nothing about PHP (I can spell it, though.) How would one
build this on the server side? How could the client side be duplicated w/o

Guess I'm not much of a volunteer, am I? I'd love to help if there's any way
I can.

life has a way of putting my trivial little problems in perspective

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> If you go to
> http://dir.evolt.org/
> you will see what I will call ... an opportunity.
> Rather than have more pages to affect a drill down search,
> evolt needs a tree view interface.
> The example I wanted to submit was:
> the bookmarker: tree at
> http://renaghan.com/bk/tree.php3
> which now has apparently been improved to
> the point where it is now broken.
> My basic suggestion is that the evolt directory
> needs a treeview interface.
> - ianO -

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