[thelist] Fw: Page/images updater for a non-technical client

Juan Manuel Lucero jmlucero at webicarus.com
Tue Sep 11 10:24:22 CDT 2001

Dear Evolt Members:

I have a client who wants to update some text and upload images on a couple
of pages. He doesn´t want to pay us monthly for the job, so....we´re
searching for a script that let them do that, but:

- I would like to be able to determine wich part of the page can be updated
(let´s say with comments) (of course, wich parts of the site too)

- They should have the possibility of upload images write text and make
.....Just that!

I´m thinking about developing a VB program to do that (so we keep the
program for future clients); but I´m trying to get a PHP or PERL script..
I´ve searched in Hotscripts & Sourceforge for more than 4 hours......... and
I´ve got a couple of scripts written in PHP..but they are too complex / or
too simple for my clients. No one fits my needs!.

I Don´t know what to do. Does anybody know a good solution for this?
Or should I develop the VB application?


Juan Manuel Lucero
Icarus Diseños Interactivos
jmlucero at webicarus.com

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