[thelist] TWO PLANES KAMIKAZEED the World Trade Center!!

lauren g lauren3g at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 11 10:40:50 CDT 2001

It also appear that 3 more planes have been hijacked.  I am here in Boston 
where one of the world trade center planes originated.  Many government 
offices are down to a skeleton crew.  My mother couldn't call into Boston 
(She had tried me and her Doctor for hours until I finally happen to call 
her.)  I have also heard a lot more police sirens than usual out here.

All outgoing planes have been grounded.  All inbound international planes 
are behind diverted to canada.  Sears Tower in Chicago, IL (largest building 
in the US) has been evacuated.  All tunnels and bridges in Manhattan closed 
as I am sure in many other places.  I know that some tall buildings in San 
Francisco have also been evacuated (my brother works in one of them and is 
now at his home.)

This is pretty scary.  Here in the US we have this false sense of security 
in spite of all the people with guns.  When it comes to terrorism everyone 
should be scared.  These terrorist minds are just crazy.  They do this to 
get world attention.  Ironically killing innocent people does not win them 
world sympathy for their cause.

BTW I am having trouble connection up with the news sites too but the info 
is dated compared to what I am seeing live on tv.

I am with you John. . .my condolences to any of these people as well.

>From: "John Best" <john.best at simplytrading.com>
>My whole office is in shock...news sites are really chugging at the moment. 
>  This is really disturbing me.  My condolences to any one connected with 
>these buildings in any way.
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