[thelist] National Disaster Response... what webmasters can do

carole guevin carole at soulmedia.com
Tue Sep 11 20:58:53 CDT 2001

hi everyone,

Though I appreciate the effort of Sabrina at dissimenating the need from the
Red Cross to gather blood donations from across the US - but the concept for
these graphics and liner - Give Life, Give Love, Give BLOOD - is in the ALT
text on http://netdiver.net.  This is an original graphic signature (the red
cross with tear including the liner which can be read in the ALT text) which
was posted at 2h50 pm ET.  This was done because I'm directly involved in
the NYC crisis since this onset of attack this am and I have used the
netdiver.net what's new page to relay information concerning blood
donations, ok sites and other pertinent information.

> Feeling totally powerless in the face of today's disaster, I have created
> the following graphics you can save on your hard drive and put on your
> website, as I am putting them on mine:
> http://www.appercept.co.uk/wtc.htm
> I am suggesting you link to the following URL rather than the overloaded
> American Red Cross server:
> My condolences to anyone else connected to the sites of these tragedies.
> --Bri

This is a time of immense grief - horror - and a call to genuine grandeur in
human behavior.  I am appalled.  The very least - you should have contacted
me to ask permission and I would have been more than honored to have you
make the related animations for propagation.

carole guevin
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