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Shirley Kaiser, SKDesigns skaiser1 at skdesigns.com
Wed Sep 12 04:17:30 CDT 2001

At 01:51 AM 09/12/2001, you wrote:

>>>Why have a separate version that's accessible instead of just making the
>>>real version accessible?
>I guess my question is: what are the design constraints when I need to 
>make my pages accessible (bobby and doubleA compliance with the w3c 
>guidelines)??? (i.e. what can I not do anymore that I could do before?) 
>Examples of good looking pages?

I've recently finished a new site design that meets these requirements, 
which you can read more about in the Colophon. My goal was to make it 
visually appealing while also meet the doubleA compliance, bobby, w3C 
validation for HTML4.01 transitional, CSS2.

Here's the site URL:

and here's the Colophon:

It seems like a lot of people think you must sacrifice anything that begins 
to be visually appealing in order to meet these requirements; however, 
that's really not the case.

And if you try the above site using Lynx or other plain text reader you'll 
see that the above site works just fine.

I'm also the editor for WebsiteTips.com, where you'll find a section of 
annotated resources on Accessibility issues:

Hope that helps. :-)


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