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At 03:00 AM 09/12/2001, you wrote:

>>Here's the site URL:
>Thanks! It's got our designers salivating!

Wow, Peter! Thank you! I can never hear too many kind comments. :-) It's 
really been a fun project, both in design and in content. I've always been 
into accessibility issues, and the Web Standards Projects is right on 
target, IMO.

Let me know if I can help send any further resources along. A great test is 
to view your site in Lynx and see if you can get around, if the site still 
makes sense, if you can navigate easily. Then you'll see why the content of 
ALT tags matter, for example.

The other section at WebsiteTips.com that I didn't mention is the CSS 
section, too -- http://www.websitetips.com/css/index.shtml  You'll find 
some great articles and tutorials there that will go hand in hand with 
accessibility, too.

The other important factor is that if you design a site with accessibility 
in mind, the search engines will also love it. Nice bonus. Good luck with 
your project. :-)


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