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Tamara Abbey abbey at abbeyink.com
Wed Sep 12 07:07:33 CDT 2001

At 11:02 PM 9/10/2001 -0700, you wrote:
>I am looking for an e-commerce solution that will support the following (I
>will only sell 1 product):
>- Real-time credit card processing
>- Customizable Order Form, declined page, approved page
>- no shopping cart will be needed
>Basically, I want to post some hidden values and get a response
>(approved/declined) back from the provider and redirect to an appropriate
>page on my site.
>Any recommendations will be helpful.

Have you looked at Mals Mall? http://www.mals-e.com/ I used it once a while 
back and it seemed to intergrate with processing services like paypal.

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