[thelist] CF: Determining which DB used.

Raymond Camden jedimaster at macromedia.com
Wed Sep 12 09:45:27 CDT 2001

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> Why is this not a good idea?  What harm can come if the query 
> is a non-destructive select?  Does CF have some locking 
> issues we need to know about?

I should clarify. There is no HARM per se. It's a personal feeling on my
part that it's bad form to use CFTRY/CATCH when you _know_ that an error
is going to occur. Ie, CFTRY/C should not be used as an error suppressor
for errors you know will happen.

This is just my two cents.

There should be little to no real harm in doing this. However, remember
to use TYPE="..." when you use cfcatch. I've found cfcatch type="any"
(or with no type, which equals type="any"), to be _much_ slower than
using a specific type.


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