[thelist] SetTimeout & ClearTimeout

jelle desramaults nsg_chong at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 12 11:26:53 CDT 2001


I hava a little timeout that should run for 0.5 seconds normally but should
stop on an event.

I just prepared a little bit of code for you to comment  ...


var time

function hideTimed(id) {

if (ns4) time = setTimeout("document.layers['"+id+"'].visibility =
 else if (ie4) time = setTimeout("document.all['"+id+"'].style.visibility =
 else if (ns6) time =
setTimeout("document.getElementById('"+id+"').style.visibility =




this one gives me a nasty little error ["Object Expected"] , pointing to the
line containing
the clearTimeout. (only in homesite though, online i there's no error bu
tthe cleartimeout
just doesn't excecute) I'm kinda stuck, any insight at all would be very

if anybody feels like checking the whole document :

Jelle Desramaults

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