[thelist] CF: Determining which DB used.

Raymond Camden jedimaster at macromedia.com
Wed Sep 12 12:24:09 CDT 2001

> if there is no additional information that would be exposed 
> by the server scope being a valid structure i fail to see how 
> doing so would be security purposes.  after all, i can still 
> access the values directly, right?  i just can't do it using 
> cfdump or looping through the structure.

Again, I'm just telling ya what I know. :) 

> through testing, it indeed appears that foo is created in the 
> server scope. however, you can't test that it exists using 
> StructKeyExists(server, "foo"). instead, you have to use an 
> IsDefined() instead -- yuck.

Correct. This is expect since "Server" is not a valid Struct. However, I
don't consider this yucky per se, if I were storing stuff in Server I'd
just do:

<CFIF NOT IsDefined("Server.Foo")>
	... start setting crap up ...

which is the same kind of code you use before setting application
variables. (And if you DONT do this, you should!)

> i would have hoped they would get it right with v5.0 with 
> server and variables scopes.  after all, i'm sure there was 
> alot of effort put into making form, url, and cgi variables 
> into valid structures.  <question type="rhetorical">why not 
> just do the whole ball of wax and alleviate potential 
> developer concern and complaints?</question>

Well, to defend my people (and you can't blame me for that ;), I can say
that we did try to address as many developer concerns as possible. As
always, we won't get to hit _everything_ we would like. 


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