[thelist] Dreamweaver and DHTML

Colin Buttimer c.buttimer at mdx.ac.uk
Wed Sep 12 12:50:50 CDT 2001

Dear All,

I'm making a site for a friend's band with some use of DHTML to enable
dragging of page elements in layers. I am able to do this with the
behaviours provided with both Dreamweaver and GoLive for unconstricted

Dreamweaver allows you to constrict movement to create puzzles, etc. However
when I implement this it only works in Netscape on the Mac, the same page on
Mac IE5 doesn't allow any dragging of layers at all - does anybody have any
experience of this? I'd be very grateful for any suggestions. The page can
be found at:

All the best, 



My condelences to the bereaved and the victims in the US and other ongoing
atrocities in the world.

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