[thelist] (OT) National Disaster Response... what webmasters can do

carole guevin carole at soulmedia.com
Wed Sep 12 13:10:49 CDT 2001

hi everyone,

a quick note to mention that Sabrina contacted to apologize - since the logo
is similar to that used in the UK.  we're teaming up - please distribute and
publicize use the logos.


Dmoz published a list of chapters around the world for blood donations -

In NYC - please call NYC Red Cross - 877-733-2767

You can get up to the date info on netdiver.net for info on how to contact
loved ones.

*Give Life, Give Love, Give BLOOD. Take a stand against world terrorism!* -
victims around the world need your gift and action.

This is a call to solidarity and should be a time to renew our dedication to
world peace from each and everyone of us.

Don't underestimate the power of change you have as an individual. Massive
relief and action are made possible by the decision of one person at a time.

Let's unite - let's pray - let's end world terrorism.

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