[thelist] [OT] Bar-bE-volt 2001

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Wed Sep 12 13:28:02 CDT 2001

After talking to a couple people about tomorrows grillout get-together 
here in Milwaukee, I got a unanimous *yes* that we shoud have it, now 
more than ever in fact.

It will be a very very good way for some of us to talk about our 
feelings of yesterdays events face to face, with friends and peers. It 
will also be very very good for us to get back into some of our normal 

So that said, I'm happy to say we're very much on for tomorrow!! Details 
and directions can be found here:


Hope to see as many of you there for fun and friendship :)


<tip type="sysadmin">

the 'chpasswd' command is an *excellent* way to add multiple accounts to 
your unix machine in an easy way.  Feeding it a file of:


username:password entries can shave *tons* of time off adding groups of 
new users, or changing a huge set of users passwords on the fly


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