[thelist] <BUTTON> tag

James Aylard webmaster at equilon-mrc.com
Wed Sep 12 14:23:38 CDT 2001


> i know some others posted URLs, but ultimately, they are
> interpretations of the spec....

    Absolutely agreed. I would further suggest also reading browser-specific
documentation provided by Microsoft and Netscape in order to understand
implementation issues with those browsers.

> also, keep in mind the lack of support in older browsers, as well as
> the fact that it is *not* a submit element for a form...

    Lack of support in Netscape 4.x is the biggest implementation issue with
the <button> element. Also, IE's implementation is partially broken since
the value attribute is worthless (IE submits the innerHTML of the button
element instead, which isn't usually what you'd want).
    Also, a <button> *can* submit a form. By default, its type is supposed
to be a submit button, but you can also assign it this value explicitly,

<button type="submit">HTML</button>

James Aylard

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