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If you are hosting on fairly fast servers it shouldn't be a problem. You
need to think of how big the file will be when it is sent to the client.
If the file size is small, it should rather quickly.

Just because the ASP file is 150k, the resultant file will not be that
big when it is sent.

Also, from what you describe, it looks like you could use one query.
Using groupings or ordering to sort the results out so you can display
them the way you want.

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Since ASP processes on the server prior to sending information to the
customer how does that effect download time to the customer, especially
over slow connections?

I need to create a page that will place separate lists of products
according to related catgories on a page, for instance;

Product Type {Shirts}
   Large Shirts (link to...)
   Small Shirts (link to...)
   Green Shirts (link to...)
   Blue Shirts (link to...)
Product Type {Ties}
   Long Ties (link to...)
   Short Ties (link to...)
   Red Ties (link to...)
   Gnu Ties (link to...)
Product Type {And So On}

Each Product Type requires a seperate query, plus some ASP code. Having
started down this path, but needing 72 Product Type categories, I can
see that the code can cause the original ASP file to be about 140 - 150
kb, most of which processes server side before it is sent. We have
somewhat of a bug-a-boo around here about quick loading pages (those
that saw the site when it was rolled out noted the quick loading times
over slow connections). So, does a 140kb ASP page effect perceptions
(real or imagined) by visitors to the speed of the page load?

Secondly, would there be some strange, obscure, or just overlooked (on
my part) SQL trick which would reduce the queries needed?


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