[thelist] accessibility

Ray Hill ray at opengrid.com
Wed Sep 12 15:11:57 CDT 2001

> We'll have a link "accessible version", wouldn't that make people
> find it???

If the link is right up at the top of the page, I suppose so.  But by having
a prominent link to an accessible version, aren't you in a sense saying that
the current one is *not* accessible?  That doesn't sound like something
you'd want to advertise right at the top of your page...

> And if so, is there another reason to not have a separate
> accessible version?

Beyond the usual arguments of wanting your main site to be as accessible as
possible, it's also a maintenance issue.  Far too often the less prominent
of two parallel sites (whether it be an accessible version, a WAP version,
or a browser-specific version) will get overlooked in the maintenance
process, so that it no longer reflects the same content as the original.

If you're generating *all* of the content from a database or something, and
are just dynamically applying a different skin to it, that might work.  But
if the maintenance of the two sites are separate, then you're setting
yourself up for all sorts of human error.


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