[thelist] ASP/SQL Question

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at compaq.com
Wed Sep 12 16:12:55 CDT 2001

Hi Jay,

Not knowing exactly how you have things set up I still think this might
be one of those (Ugh!) ... "yes AND no" things.

No - [To be a bit anal] Since the ASP code runs on the server, it
doesn't really affect page 'download time', per se.  The HTML generated
by your ASP code is what will be sent to the user and the size of that
WILL affect download time.

Yes - By using server-side db queries, you have now introduced
"processing time" ... this is the time it takes your ASP code to run
before it sends the file to the user's browser.  This can be significant
- even if you end up sending a tiny file to the user.  Optimizing your
queries and back-end design can often speed this up.  If it doesn't
speed things up enough ... you may need to look at recordset paging
and/or buffer flushing to try to improve response time.

Yes - I'm not sure what your design looks like, but I really think you
might want to take a strong look at how you set up those 72 different
queries. Your connection string set-up time and user authentication time
running those independently could wind up idling your users for a while.

Some things to think about.



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Since ASP processes on the server prior to sending information to the
customer how does that effect download time to the customer, especially
over slow connections?

Each Product Type requires a seperate query, plus some ASP code. Having
started down this path, but needing 72 Product Type categories, 

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