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Don Makoviney don at aspalliance.com
Wed Sep 12 17:12:01 CDT 2001


For those that have subscribed in the past, you may like to know the
MAKOVISION "Cutting Through The Crap" free newsletter is back online.

For those of you that don't know, the "Cutting Through The Crap" Newsletter
is a collection of useful web dev and usability links mailed weekly to your

The goal of the newsletter is to provide handpicked news stories from around
the web related to web dev and usability. We allow no articles that are only
"thinly disguised press releases" or "advertisments masquerading as
articles" like you get with ZDNet, CNET, InternetNews and others. Just real
web dev news.

Learn more at http://www.makovision.com/

You can subscribe at http://www.makovision.com/subs/


Don Makoviney

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