[thelist] did u know this??

.jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Wed Sep 12 17:23:38 CDT 2001


> From: Erick Papadakis
> apparently a guy had been giving hints in the
> alt.prophecies.nostradamus newsgroup about the
> calamity, [...]

this is horribly offtopic for this list.  i understand the desire to post
things like this in light of recent events, but can we please refrain from
doing so in forums like this that aren't appropriate for this subject

> apparently, they have planned to nuke the big US
> cities if there is US retaliates!

reading the entire thread, and also reading some additional research by
searching the newsgroups via google i see zero indication of nuclear
threats.  even if there were, this is *still* not the forum for them.

you owe tips.


don't cflocate or cfinclude within a cflock.



ie6 (and presumably 5) has a bug where creating named elements with a name
used in the id of another element will cause any attempts to access the
id'ed element to not be accessible via getElementById().  just one more
reason to make sure everything is uniquely named/id'ed.




jeff at members.evolt.org

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