[thelist] Site critique and CSS help

Hershel Robinson hershelsr at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 13 09:48:13 CDT 2001

I have just redesigned the site

The owners did NOT want to make a big investment, so I did a quick job, but
I think it came out nice.  Any comments/suggestions are appreciated.

The CSS question I have is twofold:

1 Why do the colors I define in my stylesheet come out correctly in IE but
not correctly in NS?  I use NS 4.61 for testing and '#FFFFFF' comes out sort
of chartreuese (I think that's the word for this blue-green).  You will see
that the links are defined as that color.  On IE of course they come out
white!  Other colors also come out strange on NS.

2 How can I make two noticeably different fonts for two types of text?  If
you will look at the Arizal archive section, all of the top few essays have
a mix of the text of the Arizal and the commentary.  I used:
          font-size: larger;
for the text, and also a different font-face and different color and it
looks nice on IE.  On NS, however, it looks terrible.  The text is HUGE.
Also one tester (one of the Rabbis of this site!) says that on his IE
5.00.2919.6307IC he doesn't see different colors.

Any help is appreciated.


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