[thelist] Basic E-commerce tools

Green, Janet JGreen at DesMoinesMetro.com
Thu Sep 13 10:07:32 CDT 2001

In the near future, I will be proposing that my organization take a step
into the world of e-commerce. I am developing a plan whereby we would
experiment with selling "logo merchandise" and our various publications
online. I would like to be able to take orders, accept credit card payments
(we have existing merchant accounts with MC, Visa and Discover), and if
possible on a low budget, let visitors track the fulfillment of their orders
(couldn't this be as easy as giving them a UPS tracking # and a link to
UPS?). I would like to make this as turn-key as possible, since I am
basically a page designer and *not* a programmer, and budgets will be tight
in 2002. With that in mind, I suspect there are many pre-packaged
"solutions" out there for creating a basic online storefront... I'm
wondering if any of you have experience launching an online store, and which
if any of those pre-packaged solutions you would recommend? And if you
wouldn't recommend them, please list for me the elements of e-commerce I
need to be thinking about as I plan the project. The ones I have in mind
are: development of a well-designed and easily accessed catalog;
secure-server application for an NT/IIS server; backend procedures for
receiving and fulfilling orders. There must be way more than that... any


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