[thelist] layered jpg's in NN 4.7

Peter-Paul Koch gassinaumasis at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 13 11:09:07 CDT 2001

> > <DIV id="tipDiv" style=
> > "position:absolute; visibility:hidden; z-index:100"><DIV id="tipDiv"
> > Ttyle=
> > "position:absolute; visibility:hidden; z-index:100"></DIV>
> >
> > Also, check the spelling of style in the second tag. : )
>     Actually, the apparent duplication and misspelling are probably done 
>by Netscape Navigator itself.

Certainly done by NN itself.

>Under certain conditions, this appears when tags
>contain inline style declarations (such as the one above) and are
>dynamically generated. As the apparent result of a programming hack,
>Netscape 4.x seems to duplicate the element and misspell "style" with a
>capital "T" in the second, dynamically generated element. This appears only 
>in the *rendered* code (viewed when selecting View > Page Source from the 
>menu, or selecting View Source from the right-click context menu), so you 
>won't see it in the raw source if you use the view-source: protocol.

I've also had this bug without dynamically writing inline styles (which I 
don't do anyway, too much chance of something going wrong in NN4). I 
remember that I once put an inline style in a P and in NN4's rendered code 
(URL starts with 'wysiwyg', check the title of the View-Source screen) I saw 
it redoubled with a TTYLE attribute.

>     Although I'm not certain that it has all of its facts straight, see 
>http://www.kegel.com/jbug.html for more information and some examples.

Interesting, but contrary to what he says this bug also exists on Windows 
(in fact, I've only seen it on Windows).


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