[thelist] Basic E-commerce tools

Jon Hall jonhall at ozline.net
Thu Sep 13 12:10:48 CDT 2001

There are many solutions out there, and you seem to know what you want. 
Get a list and choose wisely.
Some food for thought.
Have a good idea of what your general budget is before getting into it.
A merchant account for POS terminal or similar is not _necessarily_ 
going to be allowed to work online.
There is a big difference between a pre-packaged solution and a semi 
custom solution. Just keep in mind what your requirements are. If you do 
the artwork many software developers are willing to give a break on 
their standard prices.
Will you be hosting the application or letting someone else host it? 
Your choice of solution needs to work on your hosting platform.


Green, Janet wrote:

>In the near future, I will be proposing that my organization take a step
>into the world of e-commerce. I am developing a plan whereby we would
>experiment with selling "logo merchandise" and our various publications
>online. I would like to be able to take orders, accept credit card payments
>(we have existing merchant accounts with MC, Visa and Discover), and if
>possible on a low budget, let visitors track the fulfillment of their orders
>(couldn't this be as easy as giving them a UPS tracking # and a link to
>UPS?). I would like to make this as turn-key as possible, since I am
>basically a page designer and *not* a programmer, and budgets will be tight
>in 2002. With that in mind, I suspect there are many pre-packaged
>"solutions" out there for creating a basic online storefront... I'm
>wondering if any of you have experience launching an online store, and which
>if any of those pre-packaged solutions you would recommend? And if you
>wouldn't recommend them, please list for me the elements of e-commerce I
>need to be thinking about as I plan the project. The ones I have in mind
>are: development of a well-designed and easily accessed catalog;
>secure-server application for an NT/IIS server; backend procedures for
>receiving and fulfilling orders. There must be way more than that... any
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