[thelist] ASP Time Tracking App

Andre Gaulin andre at gaulin.ca
Thu Sep 13 12:52:11 CDT 2001

Hey everyone...

i am looking for a half decent script and i hope you can help.

what i am looking for is a set of ASP scripts that function as an online
time tracking app.  something that allows users to submit their time to the
database and allows the admins to run reports.

i have found all kindsa PHP timesheet systems, but nothing done in ASP.

i am looking for a starting point which i can extend and enhance for my more
specifi needs.  If i can avoid starting from scratch, especially since i
would just like a road map of sorts to work from and avoid as many initial
pot holes as possible.

any help or suggestions as to where i can find stuff is much appreciated.

thanks in advance


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