[thelist] Specific images

Norman Bunn norman.bunn at mindspring.com
Thu Sep 13 15:35:10 CDT 2001

Instead of trying to use someone else's photos, I would suggest you go to
your Sunday School classes, choir practices, youth events, etc. and take
your own photos.  With some clever cropping and some fairly basic effects
you can get quite a selection.

Also, if your church uses a pictorial directory, some good candid shots can
be found there that can be scanned.  You might also check with the people
who did the directory to see what photos they have that were not used.


> Has anybody come across a free resource where I can find some good images
> children. I need about a dozen or so good images for my churches web site
> I'm working on.
> Thanks,
> Bob
> ---

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