[thelist] [fwd] Javascript and the LINK Element

James Wampler newsletters at movierev.com
Thu Sep 13 16:24:43 CDT 2001

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I am curious what the best way, performance wise, would be to use =
Javascript in a web page.  I have a library of dozens of Javascript =
functions that I have written or found, and use them frequently, but =
almost always just cut and paste them into a <SCRIPT> tag.  I have been =
thinking about organizing the functions into .js files based by =
function, kind of like C header files, and then using the <LINK> element =
to call them.  What kind of performance hit would I end up taking if I =
did this, other then downloading larger  files sizes.  Would I be better =
off using a SSI call?


James Wampler
james.wampler at hotpop.com

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