[thelist] CF: No IsDefined()?

Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Thu Sep 13 16:33:15 CDT 2001

>If you use graphical buttons, use this logic:
><cfif StructKeyExists(form, "*****.x")>
>  ... whatever
>Where the ***** is the "value" of the image submit.

I'm no CF guy here, but I believe you meant that ***** is the "name" of
the submit image, not the value.

For those who might not know, when an submit image with name "foo" is
clicked, two variables are sent with teh POST data:

foo.x = something
foo.y = something

where "something" is the respective (x,y) coordinate where the pointing
device was clicked. I can't say I know what happens when the keyboard only
is used to submit a form by way of the submit image (anyone know?).



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