[thelist] Pop up window check

Elly elly at mac.com
Thu Sep 13 17:36:22 CDT 2001

Pop up window check please, on display and ability to print.
Only tested on Mac browsers, so PC checks appreciated.

I've included "menubar" for access to "Print", and I'm assuming this 
is needed for PCs, since Macs always have the Menubar. Please let me 
know if this is not needed for File/Print or Edit/Print (whichever it 

I've included "toolbar" for access to "Print" button, although I 
noticed toolbar buttons don't work on the pop up in Netscape 4.78 Mac 
or Opera.

I've accounted for image offset in Netscape, so IE has more space on 
right and bottom than needed.

Opera 5.0b2 doesn't bring the named window back on top if accessed 
sucessive times, and positions the pop up with the title bar under 
the menubar, hiding the close box. Opera implementation of this pop 
up is the only problematic one and I'm willing to let this pass, 
since it is a beta, but I am curious about other versions/platforms.

Sorry, it's frames, so you'll have to navigate one click. Click the 
"Coupons!" graphic, and you're on the page with the pop ups.


Incidentially, this site is moving hosts, and will soon be non framed 
(it had been a guestbook issue).



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