[thelist] ASP + Flash detection?

Flavia Silveira-Tarzwell (FayeC) fayec at canada.com
Thu Sep 13 18:43:33 CDT 2001


My associate and I have been discussing the pros and cons about using
Flash on the company's site.
He argues that we would be excluding a lot of would-be clients from
seeing our site.
I argue that the numbers are not that big and that we look kind of
outdated by not using at least a little bit of Flash on the site (i.e.
navigation or funky animation).
I told him that we had the option of creating two sites and then
including a flash player detection on the flash site and in case one
didn't have the player then one would be seemlessly taken to the html
site instead...
He said it would be too much trouble and that we should do it using
Flash (IF no player THEN load javascript/img navigation...)
Now I have 2 questions...
#1 - What is the percentage of ppeople out there still using 3.0/or
non-flash enabled browsers and how bad it would be to have a Flash site
(only). Bear in mind that it's a web/print design company.
#2 - How can I include a flash player detection in ASP?

I hope my questions haven't bored you guys to death....Thanks for any
help and information.


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