[thelist] ASP + Flash detection?

Nicole Parrot nicole at parrot.ca
Thu Sep 13 18:48:52 CDT 2001

I have no real answer to your questions, but you would also be stopping
people like me from visiting  your site.
Yes, I have a good machine,
Yes, I have a cable connection

No, I don't go to websites to be entertained. Give me information, not a
song and dance.
it takes seconds for me to leave websites that force Flash down my throat .

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From: "Flavia Silveira-Tarzwell (FayeC)" <fayec at canada.com>
> He said it would be too much trouble and that we should do it using
> Flash (IF no player THEN load javascript/img navigation...)
> Now I have 2 questions...
> #1 - What is the percentage of ppeople out there still using 3.0/or
> non-flash enabled browsers and how bad it would be to have a Flash site
> (only). Bear in mind that it's a web/print design company.
> #2 - How can I include a flash player detection in ASP?

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