[thelist] strange page transitions

Brad Miller brad at beldamar.com
Fri Sep 14 01:03:32 CDT 2001

Good evening Evolters,
I have been working on a design for a website and starting throwing
everything down to HTML.
When I posted some of the pages for the client to view I got some very odd
The client is seeing page transitions that I did not include and can't
figure out how they would get them.
Apparently the pages are transitioning from one corner to the other.
They like the effect but I can't quite figure out why they are seeing it.
Has anyone else had this happen to them?
They are using Win2k with IE5.5 and so am I.
Neither of us have tested it on anything else yet as we are still in the
design stage.

Can some of you check this out and tell me if you see some type of page


Only the links at the bottom of the pages work and please ignore any design
or navigation problems that you see at this point. We are still working on

Brad Miller

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