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> Subject: [thelist] ASP + Flash detection?
> I argue that the numbers are not that big and that we look kind of
> outdated by not using at least a little bit of Flash on the site (i.e.
> navigation or funky animation).

When I read the snippet above, I wondered over your reasons for including
Flash in the site. I hope your site is built around a balance of the
requirements of your users and your company, rather than just your own
requirements. If something on your site can be better conveyed using Flash,
then use it, otherwise use the tools that work well.

Myself, I would NEVER consider Flash for navigation on a business site for
instance. Why? Because *if* it doesn't work, then the user is either 100%
excluded, or has to go to what can be perceived as a "2nd class citizens"
version of the website. However, if I had a requirement for a multimedia
presentation or something similar, then I would definitely consider Flash as
a solution (possibly with a text and image based version for those few who
choose not to access the information in Flash).

You see what I'm getting at? If the reason for having Flash is that it feels
modern and cool, then forget it. If the reason for having Flash is that
Flash is the most effective way of presenting the content, then use it. (Of
course, every rule of thumb has it's exceptions - lots of sites use Flash
excellently to profile themselves, but generally, those that do know
*exactly* why they are using Flash).

Good luck!


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