[thelist] IMAP and Outlook Express

Nicole Parrot nicole at parrot.ca
Fri Sep 14 09:18:53 CDT 2001

i've been playing with IMAP and OE lately, trying to figure how it works
from a user's point of view.

And to be honest, I'm  not figuring it out... :(

So here are a few questions:
1. Do I really have to setup all the filtering rules via the IMAP web
interface that my provider is providing me? Or is there a way to set them up
through OE?  The standard Rules Filter seems to be only available when it's
for a POP3 Account

2. How can I really delete mails (not simply mark them as deleted) Right
now, the only way I found is to go to the Web interface, and delete them
from each folder, one after the other. (The web interface does not provide a
select all). A real pain when you get over 300 emails a day!

If I can't get a handle on how IMAP works from a user's POV, then there's no
way I'll ever recommend it to clients who may need it.


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