[thelist] CSS hover - can you apply to only some links?

Tara Cleveland tara at ticorp.com
Fri Sep 14 11:16:17 CDT 2001

Okay all you CSS gurus out there...

My brain is a bit addled due to a cold and maybe I'm just not seeing what's
in front of me but...

I want to apply the hover pseudo class to some links and not others. Is this
possible? If so how? Below is a snippet of code that I'd like to apply this

//In the head there is:

// This is the part I want to NOT have a hover on
<td valign="top" align="right"><a href="index.jsp"
onMouseOver="expandIt('elOne'); return false" ID="elOneParent"
CLASS="parent">Inside Health Today</a><BR>

//This is the link I do want to have a hover on
<A HREF="inside_health/newsletter.jsp" ID="elOneChild" CLASS="child">Recent

Thanks in advance for all your brilliant help.


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