[thelist] CF: Attributes to Locals?

Raymond Camden jedimaster at macromedia.com
Fri Sep 14 12:39:23 CDT 2001

> so while the forethought to use the attributes scope is 
> noble, the frequency with which this forethought actually 
> plays a part in development efficiency is pathetic.  at the 
> very least, the preachers of the fusebox methodology would do 
> their followers a favor and explain that the attributes scope 
> is not a valid scope outside of custom tags and how to apply 
> a pseudo-fix in those instances.

Not to be anal, but this statement is wrong. There is NOTHING wrong with
using Attributes as the name of the scope OUTSIDE of the possible
confusion it could cause if you didn't know you weren't looking at a
custom tag. As a teacher, I would recommend against using Attributes as
the name of a scope, but _only_ for that reason, and I wouldn't even
strongly recommend against it.


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