[thelist] ASP/SQL Question Almost Got It!

Jim Davis jdavis at hy-tech.net
Fri Sep 14 15:27:56 CDT 2001

I may be joining the discussion a bit late, but are you using an InnerJoin
statment on your TABLES?

What is the final goal of this output?

Jim D

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Using this script ;

DIM pd
pd = ""

While Not product.EOF
	If pd <> (product.Fields.Item("ProductDesc").Value) Then
	pd = (product.Fields.Item("ProductDesc").Value)
	response.write (pd & "<br>")
		While pd = (product.Fields.Item("ProductDesc").Value)
			response.write ((product.Fields.Item("ProductID").Value) & "<br>")
	End If

I get this from one recordset;

Mineral Insulated Cable (productdesc)
MIQ (productid)
Power Limiting Heating Cable
Self-Regulating Heating Cable
RSX 15-2
Series Constant Watt Heating Cable

There are only a couple of bumps;
Not all of the productdesc's show up (you can comment out the do while loop
and they all show up), and have a similar existence...they are productdesc's
that have only one product in them and they ARE NOT the first
productdesc/productid. The first one, whil sharing a the same
characteristics, writes out fine.

On productdesc's with multiple productid's after the first
productdesc/productid combination the first productid for a productdesc is
not printed out.

I know I missed something in the code, but I have looked at it for too long
and can't see it. Can anyone help?


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