[thelist] ASP + Flash detection?

John Dowdell jdowdell at macromedia.com
Fri Sep 14 16:50:12 CDT 2001

At 5:57 AM 9/14/1, Steve Cook wrote:
> I would NEVER consider Flash for navigation on a business site for
> instance. Why? Because *if* it doesn't work, then the user is either
> 100% excluded, or has to go to what can be perceived as a "2nd class
> citizens" version of the website.

Not necessarily. Consider the efficiencies introduced by the navigation
system on weather.com. You can still get to the same places through simpler
representations, although the hierarchical SWF navigation system provides a
more efficient means to see and get what you want.

Because modern browsers include the Macromedia Flash Player, pragmaticallly
the browsers that could not use such a nav system would include audio
browsers, those with visual or motor differences, possible language
differences, different types of delivery devices. It's easy to see that a
nav system wouldn't have to be SWF to require an alternate representation
for these systems.

> If the reason for having Flash is that it feels modern and cool,
> then forget it. If the reason for having Flash is that Flash is
> the most effective way of presenting the content, then use it.

Agreed, and this holds true for other web technologies as well.


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