[thelist] CFHTTP/HTTP headers

Raymond Camden jedimaster at macromedia.com
Sat Sep 15 11:55:31 CDT 2001

> 1) Can CFHEADER add http header information to a CFHTTP post? 
> If yes, howso?

Would CFHTTPPARAM help you? 

> 2) If this is indeed a limitation of CFHTTP, and I am unable 
> to alter the 
> header using this tag, can someone point me to where I could 
> find a copy of 
> CFX_HTTP? http://www.fsc.follett.com/company/cf/ seems to no 
> longer be in 
> service.

For the life of me, I can't find it either, but here is some help from
another list:

Email 1:
I'm a pro-java guy, so our cfx_giaHttp is a wrapper around HTTPClient
(http://www.innovation.ch/java/HTTPClient/), and I know Dave Watts on
this list has previously extolled Mabry's HTTP/X

I personally don't have any experience with the activex/com part, so i
can't comment on the effectiveness of it.  We've used HTTPClient for
years now (in cf and servlets, etc.) and have never had a complaint.

Email 2, from a user who wrote an example using HTTPClient:
Here's what I did to get it working:
1.  Download the HTTPClient class files (.zip)
2.  Extract to C:\jdk1.3\jre\lib\HTTPClient
3.  Add C:\jdk1.3\jre\lib\ as "Class Path" in CF Admin (this may be
4.  Run following code:

<cfobject action = "Create" type = "Java"
    class = "HTTPClient.HTTPConnection" name = "httpConn"> <cfscript>


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