[thelist] Put The Owner's Photo On Web Site?

Merlene Blacha merlene_blacha at sympatico.ca
Sat Sep 15 12:44:02 CDT 2001

I think the question here is whether, as a female, she should post her photo
on a website. Unfortunately, we've all heard tales of cyberstalkers and
stalkers who use personal information and personal photos they've found
online to target females as stalking victims. As, a female, I know that I
would not post a photo online, especially as it wouldn't really improve or
enhance her business relations to have a photo on the site.

 From a business point of view I'd also hesitate to put up a personal photo.
Unless she's going for a "Mom and Pop" kind of familiarity with her
potential clients, in which case a photograph will give a human face to her
business, I would think the photo may give a somewhat unprofessional look
and feel to her site. Potential clients may look at it in a negative manner:
"What can one woman do for me? Perhaps I should look into a bigger

That's my opinion as a female in the business... for whatever it's worth.

Merlene Blacha

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I have a friend who owns a job placement and search firm who wants her photo
on the site. I say "no", no personal portrait studio photo.

How do listees vote on this issue? Am I correct? I will pass along your

Thanks! Pat pmeeks at msn.com

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