[thelist] web team leadership...

john corry john at neoncowboy.com
Sat Sep 15 20:49:28 CDT 2001

Hi everyone.

I am being considered as a candidate for a 'team leadership' position with a
small-but-ambitious web development company. I am *almost* qualified ;), and
think that it sounds like a pretty fun job. The job description mostly
centers around using my knowledge of web development to produce sites for
small business clients and to share what I know with a 2-3 person staff of
employees and contractors to aid them in contributing to those projects
(staff management).

My first job would be to weed through resumes to select members of the

I'm putting together a list of possible interview questions for applicants
and would love any input that is available from your experiences. I guess I
could also use help with wording classified ads announcing the openings.
Like...I need entry level production people who aren't experienced enough to
be expensive, but are experienced enough to be useful. How do you ask for

any thoughts on this appreciated.
John Corry

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