[thelist] Put The Owner's Photo On Web Site?

H. G. Quinn hgquinn at attglobal.net
Sat Sep 15 20:52:45 CDT 2001

The question she needs to ask herself is, "How will my photo help increase
business and strengthen my company's identity?"  If she has good, sound answers
to that question, the photo should be there.

If the way she builds her openings inventory is through personal contacts, or if
she's a high-end placement peson who uses social situations to get and place
clients, then her photo image in a prominent position on the site completely

If she wants a photo for ego purposes or because she hasn't defined her
company's identity as yet, she should be persuaded to develop a logo, etc.  In
that case, she can have her photo on a page that discusses the company's
history, or she may decide to do without it.

If she feels strongly about the photo even though you think she's wrong, she may
know more about her business, its future and focus, than is apparent or than she
may be able to analyze or verbalize.  In that case, I'd say your design should
support her goals, as the company will "grow" out of her personal energy and
vision, and if that, for her, includes her photo on the main page of her site,
so be it.

Pat Meeks wrote:

> I have a friend who owns a job placement and search firm who wants her photo
> on the site. I say "no", no personal portrait studio photo.
> How do listees vote on this issue? Am I correct? I will pass along your
> responses.
> Thanks! Pat pmeeks at msn.com


Heather Quinn
info at windyhilldesign.com

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