[thelist] web team leadership...

Philippe Jadin philippe at 123piano.com
Sun Sep 16 06:39:58 CDT 2001

> I'm putting together a list of possible interview questions for applicants
> and would love any input that is available from your experiences. 

For long term jobs, I'd put the emphasis on :

- creative ability (both graphical and technical). Yes, you can be
creative when coding a backend.

- ability to learn and use new technologies rather than perfect
knowledge of a few "niche" technologies. (why have a perfect knowledge
of html 4 if you'll do half of your sited using flash, xml or svg in the
future? <- I know, "unrelated" technologies)

- ability to work in a team

- concrete jobs done (<- the most important thing imho)

The rest is probably less usefull : being able to build a perfect html
table won't help that much if you can't discuss with the backend
developer. Being the best asp coder on earth won't help if the client
asks for *nix based technologies. etc ...

My $0.02


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