[thelist] Site not available? - Update

Glenn Hunt ghunt at hds.ca
Sun Sep 16 17:36:12 CDT 2001

It sounds like either your IE install is messed up, or your DNS isn't
set correctly (or not at all). You also might have extra default routes.
On Windows 2000, multiple default routes can really be messy - not

Make sure that your DNS does a quick lookup. You can verify this by
running "nslookup pwultra5.ci.stpaul.mn.us" at the command line it
should return the IP address for the server. Also, once you have the IP
address, you might doing a "ping -t <IP address>". This will tell Win2K
to ping indefinitely, but you can watch the ping time and see if it
varies much. 

You might also do a traceroute ("tracert <IP address>") and see if there
is a bottleneck somewhere.

Last thing to try is to remove and reinstall the latest drivers for your
NIC. I've seen really weird things happen when the NIC card is bad, or
the drivers are messed up. It's more likely drivers, since the NIC works
fine under Win98 (I am assuming a dual-boot machine).

Good luck.

Glenn Hunt
ghunt at hds.ca

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Hi all,
Thanks again for your tests.

I tried it on a win98 machine, and all was ok too, it seems to be my
win2000 machine that's not working, like Alastair's. The win98 I tested
before was running in VMWare, under win2000 (not working either).

Does anyone know of any win2000 settings, like DNS/TCP/IP or network
settings that could cause some sites to load very slowly? (others are
I'm using an Alcatel Speed Touch PC ADSL card, connecting through PPP
protocol. win2000 service-pack2.

One of the sites giving slow connections is this:
http://pwultra5.ci.stpaul.mn.us/ It'll load the test-page sometimes, but
if I close the window, and try again, it times out.

Thanks all, for your help,

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