[thelist] Site not available? - Update

Richard Bennett richard.bennett at skynet.be
Sun Sep 16 18:19:11 CDT 2001

Thanks Glenn for your knowledgeable response.

> It sounds like either your IE install is messed up,
I have the same problem with NS/IE/Mozilla

>or your DNS isn't set correctly (or not at all).
Well it's set, but I don't know if the DNS server IP's are correct, I tried
quite a few different ones advised on the net.
At one point I could load pages from that server fine, but directory
listings would still time-out.
Prefered DNS:
Alternate DNS:

>You also might have extra default routes.
> On Windows 2000, multiple default routes can really be messy - not
> recommended.
?? you mean not to use prefered and alternate? In Win2000 I could only enter
2 DNS IPs, unlike in winME/98 where I could enter many.

> Make sure that your DNS does a quick lookup. You can verify this by
> running "nslookup pwultra5.ci.stpaul.mn.us" at the command line it
> should return the IP address for the server.
Seems not to be working as it should.

>Also, once you have the IP
> address, you might doing a "ping -t <IP address>". This will tell Win2K
> to ping indefinitely, but you can watch the ping time and see if it
> varies much.
Tried that, just times out all the time.

> You might also do a traceroute ("tracert <IP address>") and see if there
> is a bottleneck somewhere.
Tried that, works partly, then times out up to trace 30.

> Last thing to try is to remove and reinstall the latest drivers for your
> NIC. I've seen really weird things happen when the NIC card is bad, or
> the drivers are messed up. It's more likely drivers, since the NIC works
> fine under Win98 (I am assuming a dual-boot machine).
Like you assumed, the NIC card is working ok under win98.
Under win2000 I use latest drivers, but I did notice win2000 wrongly
identifies the ADSL card as an ISDN channel, where you can choose "Connect
I'll try uninstalling/re-installing the drivers.

Thanks again.


> Good luck.
> Glenn Hunt
> ghunt at hds.ca

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